“I find Summer to be an extraordinary teacher.  Her cues are so clear and simple, her core training so  deep, and her guidance on breathing nothing short of profound. With her firm, consistent guidance, I feel I have truly felt the passage through deeper and deeper layers of resistance to this deep still place within.”

Lucy V (Seattle, WA)

“I have been practicing yoga on and off for a little over twelve years now.  Summer is the bomb!  Seriously, I cannot even begin to put the words together as to my deep expansion in my practice with Summer as my guide.  No matter where you are in your practice, Summer will “see” it and be able to guide you with loving care to deepen your journey.  She’s incredibly intuitive, deeply knowledgeable, organic in the classroom and a masterful teacher!  I will ALWAYS follow Summer wherever she teaches, that’s a given!”

Satya B (Jacksonville, OR)

“When I first started taking private yoga with Summer, I was going through a huge transition in my life.  From the first session, I felt not only a release from my body but an emotional release.  Summer intuitively knew what I needed and based my practice around healing not only my body, but my spirit.  As I saw my body get stronger, I also experienced release and healing which started a relationship with yoga to help me in all aspects of my life.  Summer an incredibly intuitive and thoughtful yoga teacher who has helped grow my yoga practice in ways I never thought possible.”

Barbara R (New York, NY)